Monday, June 26, 2017

mobile soft

(free software that gets files from old mobiles)

Yes, PortableVerizon, it did help. Thank you.
I was able to download ringtones with BitPim. Some of the below instructions were copied from your and Perlith’s posts.
1. Visit to download a driver that will allow your LG phone to connect to your computer via a USB cable.
2. Download "BitPim 1.0.7" from sourceforge.
3. Connect your phone to your computer. (Steps 3 and 4 may be interchangeable.)
4. Start BitPim.
5. Go to Edit->Settings to bring up the BitPim Settings window.
6. Click Phone Wizard to bring up Phone Model Setting window.
7. Choose Verizon Wireless, LG, LG-VX5500. Note, that is a V in there and not an L, which looks similar in the list.
8. Click Next to bring up Communication Port Setting window.
9. For the port, select the one that says LGE CDMA USB Serial Port (in my case – COM4).
10. Click Next to bring up Summary window.
11. Click Finish to come back to BitPim Settings window.
12. Click OK to close BitPim Settings window and return to BitPim window.
13. Choose View->View Filesystem.
14. On the folder tree (left) pane, you'll see a Filesystem folder and icon. Select this.
15. On the subfolder tree (middle) pane, select +brew->+mod->18067.
16. On the file (right) pane, you’ll see some ringtones (mid-files).
17. From your computer, drag any mid- and/or mp3-files you want to 18067 subfolder on the middle pane. After that, you will see all these files on the right pane.
18. Go to Data->Send Phone Data to bring up Send Data to Phone window.
19. Check Ringtone and hit OK.
20. All ringtones will be downloaded to your cell phone (Media Center – Tune & Tones – My Sounds).
Good Luck! 

With regard to #12 in PortableVerizon's list, you do not need to right-click each and every photo file to save them all. You can also save them as a batch by right-clicking their folder in the data pane and choosing "Backup directory ..." (~/10888 was also the folder my photos were in.)
After selecting the backup option, you will see BitPim's progress in reading the directory in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. When it is finished, it will let you choose where to save the .zip file on your PC. At which time, you only need to extract the file of photos from the .zip! A lot faster than right-clicking every photo individually!